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About Company

Since the early days in 2013, the marketplace has finally come to understand what: that ketones have significant, life-changing health benefits. In just five short years, ketone supplementation has grown to over a billion-dollar industry for dealing with weight loss, fat loss, body composition change, and other significant metabolic issues that improve overall human health.

While proud to have pioneered so many discoveries surrounding the benefits of ketones, the most significant finding is that ketones are actually the body’s preferred fuel source—NOT glucose, or sugar.  This powerful discovery is paving the way for people to change their lives and finally eliminate the terrible effects of sugar, and replace it with a natural, clean-burning energy.

In addition to leading the industry in product design and intellectual property,  Keto has developed a seamless ketone supply chain to ensure consistent, high-quality manufacturing practices and GRAS safety qualifications. Teaming up with Inc.,  was formed to develop the brand to ensure the authenticity and quality of our BHB products. During this time,  retained the most efficacious technologies and formulas for exclusive use, and then began the work of developing their own brand, backed by clinical studies.

Today,  Keto continues its quest to deliver the many benefits of ketones to people everywhere. We’ve invested millions into exogenous ketone research and clinical studies, and we’re just getting started. For example, in our most recent clinical study on weight loss and metabolic markers, it was proven that  Keto products significantly accelerated weight loss, fat loss, improved lean-to-fat ratio and reduced hip circumference—all while reducing normal insulin, total cholesterol and  cholesterol.

We also recently completed a study on the effect of exogenous ketones on the brain showing a significant reduction in periodic anxiety and improved physical reaction time. Additionally, we’ve been granted eight new patents with another eight patent-pending applications, establishing  Keto as the unparalleled leader in the industry.

Join the Keto Revolution.

Keto clinically-studied and multi-patented B-BHB formulas allow you to experience pure ketone power without being restricted to the ketogenic diet. We’ve engineered bioidentical D-BHB ketones, that when paired with our unique proprietary blend, can jumpstart your mind and body. This increases your brain’s processing speed, supplies you with sustainable, long-lasting energy and helps burn excess body fat.  Keton supports your natural ketone production, allowing you to have the benefits of ketones all day long!


We Make Keto Easy.

Intermittent fasting. Keto dieting. Painstaking meal planning. There are different ways to get your body to produce ketones, none of which are particularly easy. But with  Keto clinically proven, multi-patented D-BHB formula, you can simply enjoy your favorite flavor and realize the countless benefits: appetite suppression, stress and anxiety control, physical reaction time, mental focus, mood, memory, sleep and beyond!

Clean ingredients for better health.

Every product at  Keto has been made with the intention of being used by myself, my family, my closest friends, and all of you. We take what we put into our products very seriously.

Backed by science.

We develop better-for-you products, starting with research: we choose ingredients based on the science that backs them up. Then we put those ingredients together into products that taste delicious, are easy to digest, and promote better health, fat loss, and mental clarity.

Committed to real foods.

Quality real foods promote better health. We emphasize products that are made from real, whole food sources, like coconut, almond, sunflower, coffee, cacao, macadamia, and vanilla bean.

When you buy a  Keto Product, what can you expect?

You can expect a product backed by science that delivers results.  Keto customers know from experience that taking ketones makes you feel alive and energized everyday.  Plus, our products taste great and have smooth, consistent texture. Our labs spend months—in some cases years—perfecting the very best flavors so our customers will love and can easily take ketones everyday.

You can also expect unmatched integrity in all of our products. Rob and Gary hold true to their original vision of delivering the highest quality ketone products that help you get into and sustain ketosis. They are committed to making it easy for customers to lose weight, improve performance or cognitive focus, or simply get pure ketone energy, all to help make your life better.

The benefits of being in a ketogenic state are numerous, and more are being discovered every day.  That’s why our mission at  Keto is about more than merely achieving a ketogenic state, it’s about embracing an entire ketogenic lifestyle in the simplest, easiest, and most effective way possible. We are truly dedicated to improving your health, well-being and, best of all, empowering you to Change Your Life!